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Climate action programmes

Climate action programmes

DNV GL’s climate action programmes help local governments meet greenhouse gas reduction targets and establish sustainable communities.

The environmental impact of human activities is attracting increasing attention from local communities, regulatory bodies, funders, development banks and the public. DNV GL can help you define and implement climate action programmes to meet greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets and plan for climate impacts.

Our climate action programme services are ideal for local governments and communities. These services help you identify cost-effective ways to reduce GHG emissions in your own operations and among the communities you support. As well as defining the right strategies, policies and programmes for your unique community, we help you prioritise actions and identify funding opportunities.

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We employ a framework methodology for identifying and compiling management and GHG reduction best practices among municipal governments. This provides unique insight for making best use of limited municipal resources when implementing GHG reduction plans.

In addition, our lifecycle tool makes it easier to develop policies and planning documents as well as establish and evaluate specific programmes with measurable targets. And our in-depth technical expertise and capacity building facilitates multi-municipality projects by streamlining planning coordination in multi-government associations and peer-to-peer networks.

Key services

  • Evaluate GHG and carbon footprints
  • Identify reasonable and relevant GHG reduction targets and carbon mitigation measures
  • Assess potential climate impacts on infrastructure and communities
  • Identify cost-effective, stakeholder-driven emission reduction strategies and programmes
  • Identify the most urgent actions for addressing potential climate impact
  • Develop climate action plans to reduce GHG emissions and vulnerability to climate impact

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Douglas Kot

Douglas Kot

Head of Section, Sustainable Buildings and Communities

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