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Communications network planning & engineering

Communications network planning and engineering

Managing communications networks for future growth and flexibility

Telecommunications is playing an increasingly critical role in utility operations. Utilities developing and maintaining a robust telecommunications infrastructure face many challenges—new Smart Grid and Advanced Metering initiatives, evolving transmission, substation and distribution automation technologies, increasingly stringent reliability and security standards, and licensing changes.

Proactive managers realize that their response to these new challenges can have a significant impact on their utility’s current operations and future growth potential.

Optimizing investments in critical utility telecom infrastructure
DNV GL helps clients make the right decisions now to optimize options for future growth and flexibility. We offer extensive knowledge of best practices among the world’s leading utilities and telecom firms and leadership in planning and operations strategy.

Our communications network planning and engineering solutions are based on our deep understanding of the whole utility enterprise—from generation, to transmission and distribution planning, to SCADA/EMS and automation.

We provide insight, analysis, strategy and advanced technology to help clients make the best investment decisions within the constraints of capital and O&M budgets. We help clients more effectively address the complex challenges involved in building and managing telecommunications infrastructure to accommodate their corporate administration as well as operations-related communications needs.

Impartial expertise in network and substation communications
Our technical, engineering and managerial skills allow us to provide clients broad-based, impartial expertise in all aspects of network and substation communications planning, assessment and procurement processes.

With an average of 20+ years of experience, DNV GL telecommunications professionals are well versed in analyzing and preparing for on-going developments in telecom technologies and trends.

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Elena Henriquez

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