Computational fluid dynamics

The industry’s most accurate wind flow modelling helps minimize risk and maximize returns for planned wind farms.

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James Bleeg Jim Bleeg
Head of CFD and Principal Researcher
Computational fluid dynamics

Planning and building a new wind farm is a major undertaking. Investors and other stakeholders need reassurance that risk has been mitigated. Accurate wind flow modelling is a key step in optimizing wind farm design, reducing uncertainty and maximizing returns.

Accurate wind flow modelling
Our Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) services offer the most accurate wind flow simulations available. Based on the terrain and meteorology data of your site, we model the wind flow to predict wind speeds with minimal error. From this, we can identify where the wind speed is highest and lowest, and predict your energy output – invaluable input for optimizing the design of your site.

Our validated, cutting-edge CFD model captures complex terrain elements, such as steep slopes and forestry, as well as atmospheric phenomena such as stability, for the highest accuracy. In addition to mapping wind speeds, our model can provide insight into several factors that affect turbine layout and design, including:

  • Flow inclination angle
  • Flow separation
  • Shear
  • Turbulence

We can also provide insight into a number of factors that affect turbine design.

Trusted the world over
Our CFD services have been independently recognized as the most accurate in the industry. They have been deployed in hundreds of commercial projects, on every continent. We continually validate our models based on data from all these sites, so you can be sure of the continued accuracy and reliability that you would expect from us.