Cyber security and information risk services

Cyber security and information risk services offered by DNV GL

Our experts can help you assess cyber risk within your organization, across your assets and throughout complex supply chains, enabling you to increase cyber resilience and build trust.

Accelerating challenges in cyber security

As technology advances at an accelerating pace, cyber security strategies need to see equally significant changes to keep up. If not, organizations become vulnerable to the activities of cyber criminals. A comprehensive cyber security strategy can safeguard against the most current threats, based on a complete organizational risk assessment.

Our experts at DNV GL help solve information security challenges with a risk-based approach, offering a wide range of cyber security related services. Our goal is to enable you to securely use technology to meet your business goals. We help you protect critical infrastructure from cyber security threats through innovative risk management solutions that give you the right tools for managing cyber security. We focus on ensuring that cyber security risk management strategy fits in with your organization’s enterprise risk management framework. We never compromise on quality and integrity.

Cyber security in complex supply chains

As part of digitalization, services and solutions are increasingly outsourced. This results in long and complex supply chains with a large number of interconnected processes, which could lead to numerous areas where cyber security is weakened. Your organization may have a strong data security level, but your suppliers, third party contractors and other partners may have vulnerabilities critical for your business. Our cyber security experts help you establish necessary security management for your supply chains based on a clear understanding of the risk picture, while prioritizing the most important mitigating activities both in the procurement process and in the operation.

Domain expertise strengthens cyber security services

Our strength  in cyber security is strongly linked to DNV GL’s extensive domain and operational technology expertise in core industries such as energy, oil and gas, maritime and healthcare. Our decades of experience in these industries allows us to see beyond IT solutions.

In a continuously evolving threat picture, our highly skilled personnel understand the threats that can hurt your business and the vulnerabilities that may expose your assets to those threats. We know how to best defend your assets and your business.

We offer:

  • Cyber security
  • Risk management
  • Quality assurance
  • Incident investigations

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