Cyber security assurance, evaluation and certification

Cyber Security for critical infrastructure

Ensure that your management systems are compliant to the relevant regulatory standards

Cyber security assurance

Are you confident that you have the right cyber security countermeasures in place? Deploying sensible countermeasures can be an arduous and time-consuming task for any organization. Formal or informal cyber security assurance or certification can provide that extra layer of confidence to you and your stakeholders, demonstrating you are in alignment with best practice. 

If your organization is looking to establish a systematic, risk-based approach to cyber security then our experts can help. We can conduct a comprehensive risk assessment covering processes, systems and assets. We offer mitigating, actionable recommendations. DNV GL’s cyber security assurances are aligned to ISO 27001 and ISO 31000.

Securing your systems against cyber security risks

With an increasing convergence between IT and OT (operation technology), the OT domain is becoming more of a target for hackers, and the cyber security risk really pertains to safety and performance. We can certify a range of safety and operational systems across a wide range of standards including IEC 61511, IEC 61508 and more.

Cyber security evaluation and certification

Independent validation is often an essential task for product developers and users. DNV GL has several cyber security labs for product testing following ISO 17025 and ISO 27001 standards. Within IT, we offer formal product evaluation services in our role as a Commercial Product Assurance (CPA) and Common Criteria (CC) test laboratory. In OT, we offer component or system type approvals certification in accordance with standards such as IEC 62443.

DNV GL offers a range of industry-specific, formal and tailored product testing services that offer a high degree of support and flexibility when navigating through complex requirements. We can test compliance with a range of common and more niche protocols. In parallel, we will often conduct detailed functional tests, extending to automated fuzzing, used to identify unknown vulnerabilities in devices.

Benefits of cyber security assurance and evaluation:

  • Alignment with best practice
  • Improving stakeholder confidence
  • Reducing operational risk following a cyber-attack
  • Avoiding the exploitation of known or unknown vulnerabilities
  • Brand protection

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