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Cyber security for electricity utilities

Cyber security for electricity utilities

Bridging the worlds of IT security and electricity utilities, DNV GL's cyber security services help you meet your operation resilience requirements.

The electricity grid is a key part of a country's critical infrastructure. But as networks become smarter, they also become more vulnerable to cyber attacks – making energy cyber security a hot topic for electricity utilities. With compliance regulations and cyber incidents increasing, DNV GL bridges the gap between traditional IT security and the world of electricity utilities to help utilities meet their operation resilience requirements.

Cyber security is a huge and evolving challenge. To date, the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has identified around 60,000 cyber vulnerabilities. And new threats are discoved every day. Any one of these could allow sophisticated hackers or disgruntled employees to disrupt the energy supply or access confidential data.

How we help
DNV GL combines traditional IT security expertise with a deep understanding of the elecricity utility environment to help you minimise these risks. Our in-depth advice and support helps you deploy an effective defence-in-depth strategy based on efficient methodologies that go beyond standard firewalls and passwords. We can also help you develop and implement proper testing to ensure your cyber security measures are adequate and up to date.

Our services include:

  • Incident response exercise development and facilitation
  • Security strategy and programme development
  • Security architecture design
  • Policy, procedure, awareness and metrics development
  • Network penetration and application security testing
  • Security infrastructure hardening
  • Cyber security health test (whitebox testing)

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Elena Henriquez

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