Cyber security risk assessment

Cyber security risk assessment by DNV GL

A cyber security risk assessment will help you understand where your risks are

ICS cyber security risk assessment of critical infrastructure

Due to the changing nature of the risk picture, cyber security policies need to be communicated, implemented into operational procedures and periodically audited within a continuous improvement Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. We will help you make sure that your ICS cyber security approach is in line with industry best practices. Our third-party independent cyber security risk assessments and risk-based methods have already been applied to hundreds of companies. They will bring you the latest methodologies to assess, improve and verify your cyber security resilience against today's and future attacks. Our risk assessments focus on process, people and technology.

Unlike classical IT services firms specializing in IT network and web application security, we combine in-depth operational experience with deep IT, ICS and process knowledge, building solutions that work in the harsh reality of your industry. Our cyber security risk assessment experience includes industries such as oil and gas, energy, maritime, healthcare, automotive, railway, insurance and more.

Cyber security is only as strong as your weakest link

Our ICS cyber security risk assessment will identify gaps in your defenses and appropriate countermeasures, both preventive and reactive, for IT as well as operational technology (OT) systems. Our aim is to help you create a risk-based approach when it comes to tackling cyber security - one that can be implemented, monitored and controlled on a routine basis.

DNV GL's approach is founded on wide industry expertise and experience in cyber security, industrial networks and control systems. We use best practices and standards such as the ISO 27000, ISO 31000, NIST 800, ISA 99 and ISA/IEC 62443.

Benefits of our risk-based approach to cyber security

  • Better protection of critical information, IT and ICS
  • Systematic identification, mitigation and follow-up of information and cyber security risks
  • Support of regulatory compliance
  • Improved operations regularity and business continuity
  • Brand protection

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