Data management advisory

Data management advisory

Our data management advisory gives you access to domain experts together with specialist information governance and data quality management.

Increase value in data while managing risk

Our data management advisory help customers access, create and manage data in a way that will enable new business value and manage future risks.

We provide data quality expertise, organizational maturity and data usage risk assessments and help customers with practical help and guidance to plan, develop and implement maturity improvements and risk mitigations activities, so they can adapt and reinforce their enterprises and their capabilities. This enables organizations to achieve increased value from their data assets.

Data management advisory can help you:

  • Link business goals and processes to data usage requirements
  • Help create and manage data today that will give new business value and advantages tomorrow
  • Perform data profiling and data quality analytics
  • Design and monitor data value chain
  • Data quality assessment: Identify data quality issues in data assets and measure their impact on the key business activities
  • Perform an organizational maturity assessment: Evaluate organizational capability to detect, prevent and mitigate the impact of bad data quality
  • Perform a data usage risk assessment: Identify data quality risks and define measures, activities, projects to reduce the impact of risks
  • Assess business-specific legal aspects, intellectual property rights and interoperability issues
  • Track and trace the data value chain and lifecycle of datasets
  • Increase expertise in data management and data quality through trainings
  • Rely on data quality as a part of IoT, sensor data and master data management
  • Enable good performance in digitalization efforts
  • Reduce risk related to digitalization efforts
  • Continuously improve data value chains, both internally and externally
  • Improve data-driven innovation and open opportunities in digitalization
  • Benchmark data management and data quality

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