Data quality assessment

Data quality assessment by DNV GL

Our data quality assessment experts help you evaluate the quality of your data assets.

Data quality assessment

Our team of experts in data quality assessment help you identify quality issues in data assets. Based on extensive experience, we will evaluate the quality of the data value chain while assessing and defining data quality metrics.

Data quality definitions and procedures

Data are collected at an increasingly high rate and applied to a wide variety of use cases. Without good definitions and procedures for working with data quality, critical operations could be at jeopardy. The data describing a physical asset are as important as the asset itself. Organizations should be aware of the quality of the data used for operations, only using data fit for purpose within acceptable risks.

Our data quality assessment method

Data quality assessment is a method to verify that data meet the implicit or explicit expectations of users or systems utilizing the data. We will help you:

  • Establish measure points for data quality
  • Define business requirements
  • Define data quality metrics based on profiling, context, regulations, criticality and domain expertise
  • Perform data quality assessments for the established metrics and communicate the results in data quality dashboards
  • Use the results of the data quality assessment for organizational maturity and data risk assessments

Our data quality experts have wide industry experience and understand the importance of data assets in those industries.

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