Data risk assessment

Data risk assessment by DNV GL

Our data risk assessment service allows you to evaluate and manage the risk of your data usage.

Identify risks

With our data risk assessments, we can help you identify risks related to usage of data with known and potential data quality issues. Increase the understanding of consequences that may occur from poor quality data while identifying and prioritizing mitigating activities and measures.

Why do we need data risk assessments?

Usage of low quality data may have consequences in several areas, such as brand, economy, business position or opportunities. Our data risk assessment service addresses risks related to usage of data with known and potential data quality issues. The primary objective of data usage risk management is to increase the understanding of the consequences that may occur from poor quality data and to identify and prioritize improvements. The result of the data risk assessment is a common picture of the risk situation regarding data usage, and the creation of an action plan of related mitigating activities.

Data quality assessment framework - DNVGL-RP-0497

Data risk assessments address data quality issues and threats that could exploit data quality weaknesses and vulnerabilities and have negative impact or result in lost opportunities. According to our recommended practice DNVGL-RP-0497, the risks are identified and ranked according to probability and consequences. Output from the risk analysis is used as input to risk-based data quality improvements. By applying the risk-based data quality improvement process, your organization will improve performance in digital processes, gain business benefits, harvest opportunities and reduce costs.

What we offer in a data risk assessment:

  • Facilitate a workshop for your organization
  • In depth domain expertise in data risk
  • Identify data risks and severe consequences
  • Comprehensive report of risk findings and mitigations

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