Data science consulting for industry

Data science consulting for industry from DNV GL

Our data science consulting for industry enriches your data with DNV GL's long standing, independent expertise and best practices in data science for industrial applications.

Data science consulting for industry

Most current commercial applications of data science are found in fields such as e-commerce and finance, whereas we specialize in data science for industry. DNV GL has a long standing in the energy, oil and gas and maritime industries and experience from more than 50 data science projects in those sectors. Our data science consultants know how to create insights from your data, helping you appreciate these in the context of your industrial operations, targets and decision-making processes. We know what it takes to transform your data into tangible business value for you and for your company.

A wide range of competences, including industrial machine learning

Our team of trained data science consultants has expertise in a wide range of topics, including exploratory data analysis, statistical inference, machine learning, time series analysis, text mining, extreme value analysis and anomaly detection. Ensuring data is fit for purpose is done by combining competence in data quality assessment with data science. We also offer consultancy in data processing pipelines and training modules.

Data analytics

Whether it is safety on oil rigs or the operational state of a transmission line, data can be used to quantify and assess problems and lead to solutions through data analytics. It can at times be challenging to make sense of data, whether due to quality issues, lack of organizational excellence during data capture, annotation, or analysis, or if the data does not lend itself to immediate insight. We can help you with selected aspects of your data pipeline, or we can gauge the pipeline holistically. In many cases success is achieved by identifying new sources of data that improve data analytics efforts and by integrating focused data science competence and solutions into wider corporate digitalization strategies.

Our data science consulting for industry gives you access to:

  • Competence in data analytics
  • Assistance designing and executing data science sprints according to best practice methods
  • Datasets from selected industries than can be used for your data science projects
  • Infrastructure, tool and methodology insights to support your journey into industrial data science
  • Assistance in all process steps from idea to operational data science-based systems
  • Competence in data management technologies and infrastructures
  • Appreciation of the operational value of the data
  • Understanding of business context and priorities
  • Knowledge of regulatory implications and boundaries in your industry
  • Expertise with organizational challenges concerning data-driven decision making
  • Experience in machine learning assurance and industrial machine learning

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