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Energy roadmap

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Reach your energy transformation goals and achieve a real competitive advantage through in-depth analysis and strategic planning.

Are you making the transition to a low-carbon energy future? How can you reach your decarbonization goals and make significant changes towards improved sustainability? Long-term strategic planning and a thorough understanding of the challenges ahead of you are essential throughout your journey.

Your roadmap to carbon reduction success
DNV GL is your collaborative partner on the road to low-carbon success. The route may include increased renewable deployment combined with energy storage, integration with national or corporate compliance targets, industrial energy efficiency, material efficiency or demand-side response. Whether you want to increase competitiveness or drive innovation, we work with you to identify, analyse and overcome potential barriers.

We start by thoroughly examining your objectives through research, analysis, and testing of different scenarios. For example, we might compare different rates at which the energy market can decarbonize against energy prices. Next, we identify the key stakeholders and engage them in a series of workshops or interviews. This allows us to unlock optimal solutions for maximum mutual benefit and ensure a plan can be successfully implemented. Finally, you receive an in-depth strategic plan consisting of short-term actions that link to your long-term objectives.

Competitive intelligence
Uniquely inclusive and comprehensive, and combining deep technical and commercial understanding, our processes help all stakeholders reach a better understanding of the key challenges and potential opportunities ahead of them. This allows stakeholders to work together more effectively and pull in the same direction to achieve a sustainable future with a competitive advantage.

Published experience
DNV GL has vast expertise in helping organisations and businesses to plan and implement energy transformation goals, having jointly delivered the UK Government’s Industrial Decarbonization 2050 Roadmaps.

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