Demand side resource assessment

DNV GL’s demand-side resource assessments and market potential studies help you forecast demand-side energy efficiency potential.

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Michele Tihami Michele Tihami
Country Manager Policy Advisory & Research
Demand side resource assessment

Effective demand-side programmes and targets depend on having a solid understanding of resources, the market and its characteristics. DNV GL can carry out demand-side assessments to help you understand and forecast cost-effective energy savings potential within a given jurisdiction. This lets you improve your goal setting, programme planning and integrated resource planning.

In DNV GL, you get a partner with extensive experience across the energy industry including programme planning, implementation and evaluation. So you benefit from more accurate demand-side assessments and market potential studies through greater clarity and insight in how results are presented.

Key services

  • Data-driven estimates of energy usage by sector, building / business type and end use.
  • Assessing technologies that influence energy use for cost, savings and service life.
  • Cost effectiveness testing to determine which technologies are economically viable.
  • Projecting market savings potential based on engineering estimates and market penetration analyses