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DLMS test facilities

DLMS test facilities

Looking for a single solution for all possible DLMS tests?

The DLMS (Device Language Message Specification) test facility is an extensive, advanced test environment, designed for testing the details of a DLMS implementation.

The DLMS test facility allows you to be well prepared for DLMS companion specification tests at a laboratory, reducing the need for re-tests, and improving control over the timelines of the test process. The DLMS test facility supports automated DLMS testing based on scripts. By means of the script generator, these test scripts can be created in a quick and easy way from a library of configurable elements. This way, automatic test generation is combined with maximum test flexibility.

  • Historical results are stored in a SQL database, enabling you to access the test results on any workstation with access to the database
  • Extending the DLMS test facility with a third party controllable power source allows you to test the correct registration of power sags and swells, power failures or the correct registration of (apparent) power
  • Detailed logging down to byte level enables you to quickly isolate implementation issues
  • Validation of meter response
  • Configurable pass/fail condition in test scripts
  • Including script generator for quick and easy creation of test scripts

Features of the DNV GL DLMS test facility

  • User-defined reference table with obis codes
  • Simple and easy managing of test cases
  • Automated testing
  • One screen overview showing:
    • Test setup
    • Available test scenarios
    • Historical test results
  • Storage of test-run history for each device under test
  • Storage of smart meter configuration
  • Supports all DLMS security options for data access and data transport security
  • Ipv6 ready

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