Dry-docking and ship repair software - ShipManager Projects

Software system supporting dry-docking, ship repair and other technical projects

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ShipManager Projects - Dry-docking software and ship-repair software

Dry-docking software system

ShipManager Projects is a project management system that supports dry-docking and other technical projects such as retrofitting with planning, tendering and project management.

Ship repair, dry-dock project software

  • Project management and controlling during drydocking
  • Control of time, quality and costs
  • Progress reporting and controlling
  • Integrated processes between engineers and nautical staff onboard and in office
  • Easy collaboration with yards and suppliers

Software system for reducing maintenance costs

Dry-docking is the biggest maintenance cost for shipping companies. These projects, as well as comparable technical projects such as retrofitting, need to be supported by a professional project management system that is integrated with your other technical management and planned maintenance system (PMS).

With ShipManager Projects for dry-docking you can

  • Collect work items for drydock from different sources, such as the PMS or free-item lists
  • Create  templates for different ship types or drydocking tasks from scratch or prior dockings
  • Manage requests for quotations from yards and suppliers
  • Compare prices and select the best yard/supplier combination for the project
  • Re-use groups of work items or templates
  • Build an electronic knowledge library on dry-dock projects
  • Export specifications to send to shipyards or suppliers and import them again to compare quotations
  • Monitor project status/progress including budgets and time frame during entire drydock time
  • Develop a history of dry-dock projects for future re-use
  • Import and export Excel data from/to yards and suppliers

Modules included: Item Collection, Templates, Tenders, Project Plan.

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ShipManager allows us to optimally utilize our flat organization and network of offices around the world, by making sure that we have the right information at hand wherever we need it.

Igor Bondar Technical Manager, Monjasa DMCC