Dynamic Positioning (DP) Continuous

Dynamic Positioning

With the DP Continuous methodology the traditional five-year scope can be distributed over the five-year period, reducing the impact of testing and the out-of-service time.

Due to the limited annual survey scope, the five-year survey shall cover a large and time-consuming FMEA test scope. When performed consecutively at the 5th year, the test scope will in many cases result in non-productive out-of-service time.

With the DP continuous methodology, the test scope can be distributed over the five-year period and also allow the owner to perform smaller parts of the testing scope at component level without a class presence. Read more in our rules "DNVGL-RU-OU-0300" available here


The main benefits you will get with Dynamic Positioning (DP) Continuous:

  • Reduced out-of-service time with more optimal test planning
  • Better utilization and more flexibility, with a test scope adjusted to changes in operations and owner participation in parts of the testing

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