ECO Retrofit – vessel efficiency upgrades


Our ECO Retrofit solution helps you identify, prioritise and implement the best retrofit measures, tailored to your operation.

Retrofit options are numerous and require significant investment. For a particular ship and operation, the benefits of retrofit measures are not always clear. This makes taking decisions on retrofit extremely challenging.

To simplify the process of decision-making for you, we identify all your fuel-saving potential. Then you can choose the most effective options for a full ECO Retrofit programme. 

This may encompass the four areas that frequently yield the best return on investment:

  1. Bow shape
  2. Engine and auxiliary systems
  3. Propeller
  4. Energy-saving devices (ESDs) and appendages

Starting with an initial cost-benefit assessment and selection, we provide you with a detailed report listing your options and their return on investment (ROI). This report allows you to choose the options that most effectively improve the performance of your vessel. It gives you a reliable indication of each retrofit measure’s savings potential – utilising our expertise and our own tools supplemented by CFD calculations. 

Then we execute detailed analysis required for implementation, such as our unique parametric bulb shape optimisation, system simulation, propeller optimisation and more. Our experts guide you along the entire project – from the high-level scan to final conversion.

Discover how easy energy efficiency retrofitting can be with support from DNV GL:

  • Fast assessment of the retrofit measures that benefit you the most
  • Clear overview of expected fuel savings from the measures, effective for your individual operational needs
  • Guidance and expert support related to tank tests, sub-suppliers, shipyard works, sea trials and more
  • Investment security, with a higher competitive advantage on the market
  • As your independent partner, we only have your business needs in mind

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