Electromagnetic compatibility measurements

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is essential when measuring for interfering emissions generated by modern wind technologies.

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Tim Heesch Tim Heesch
Senior Engineer, Power Quality
Electromagnetic compatibility measurements

Modern wind technologies and electrical equipment can produce unwanted electromagnetic wave emissions. This interference can have a range of up to 100 kilometer and can interrupt military and commercial radio communications, potentially causing security issues. To limit this, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) must be evaluated by an independent authority.

The importance of EMC
The EMC directive must be met during initial operations by measuring electromagnetic wave emissions. We offer a comprehensive measurement service to ensure that any wind turbine meets both national and international standards. This evaluation can typically be completed in 8-10 hours, meaning low expenditure and interference as well as a limited impact on energy generation.

What we do
Our electromagnetic wave emission measurement service offers you the fastest, most cost effective and reliable solution. Measurements are taken in accordance with the electromagnetic compatibility measurement standard IEC/CISPR 11 (EN 55011) and FGW Technische Richtlinie Teil 9. Electromagnetic fields within the frequency range from 150 kHz to 1,000 MHz are recorded and test results are available immediately. All the relevant fields can be measured from four points located at a 30 meter distance from the equipment under test.