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EMC risk management and power quality

EMC risk management and power quality

DNV GL’s system-wide EMC risk management approach enables effective, cost-efficient protection that can be managed throughout the system’s lifetime.

DNV GL’s integrated approach offers independent expert input to improve understanding of risks, defines mitigation measures upfront, helps to bridge the gap between technical issues and non-technical people and assures EMC quality during realization. EMC risk management covers lightning protection, electromagnetic interferences, transients, electromagnetic fields and health and power quality.

The availability of electricity – and hence the performance of generation and distribution systems – is essential for modern society. Even minor disturbances or low power quality can have far-reaching consequences.

Integrated approach
DNV GL’s integrated approach to earthing, lightning protection and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) provides electricity producers, TSOs and DNOs with greater insight into the main risk factors for their system, enabling effective, cost-efficient protection measures that can be managed throughout your system’s lifetime.

With larger grids, high voltages and increased integration of renewables, EMC is becoming an increasingly important and tricky issue for companies that operate electricity infrastructure. At the same time, there is increasing public discussion on the health effects of the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) around this infrastructure, and growing pressure from customers and regulatory bodies to ensure good power quality.

DNV GL’s integrated approach delivers an EMC risk management system that gives you enhanced insight into all the main risk factors for your system. Moreover, our consultants help bridge the gap between technical issues and non-technical people in your organisation, offering independent expert input to improve understanding of risks and define mitigation measures. As a result, you have better insight into and control over your system’s performance.

DNV GL offers a complete portfolio of EMC and power quality services ranging from inspection to specification and EMC quality assurance.

  • EMC risk management for high-voltage infrastructure its environment
  • Integrated earthing, lightning protection and EMC measures
  • Consultancy on EMF and health issues (50 Hz and high frequency)
  • Reviewing electromagnetic interference, EMC studies and insulation coordination
  • Transient and insulation coordination studies
  • Interference studies for (HVDC) interconnectors
  • Power quality monitoring
  • Lightning protection for overhead lines and substations
    • Calculating lightning performance
    • Designing lightning protection systems
  • EMF calculations and measurements
  • Step and touch voltage calculations
  • AC interference analysis for pipelines and metal objects

Transparency throughout
Our experts ensure you have full transparency throughout. They provide clear explanations of the actions to be taken and the decisions to be made at each stage of the project. At the end of the project, you receive an EMC Risk Management document that covers the whole project, including starting points, technical guidelines and details of the projects unique intricacies. This outlines an integrated approach for your installation that will help you cover all EMC risks and control system performance.


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