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Emergency Restoration System

Emergency Restoration System

Limit the cost and duration of power outages in overhead transmission lines

A reliable supply is the number one priority for any transmission network. Yet, overhead lines can be exposed to natural disasters such as typhoons, earthquakes, floods and mudslides. In cold areas, icing of the conductors can cause line galloping which can lead to failures.

The inconvenience of power failure, but also the financial damage to customers, distributors and producers of electricity is becoming unacceptable. Network owners who do not take adequate precautions to prevent and limit network disruptions can face large compensation claims. Hence it is essential to restore power as quickly as possible after an outage – whether it is planned for maintenance or due to a fault.

Cutting the cost of power line failures
To help you limit the cost of outages, DNV GL has developed an Emergency Restoration System (ERS) that helps you get power back on fast. The system consists of highly mobile Smart Towers for high-voltage overhead lines. The system is specially designed for restoring transmission lines quickly even in difficult climate conditions. The main features of the Emergency Restoration System are:

  • Fast erection of the towers due to a patented hoisting system: a forty-five meter tower can be erected within four hours
  • Ideal system for difficult terrain, requiring very small building sites: the towers are erected vertically in less than four hours, cranes and helicopters are not necessary
  • Easy handling and storage of the equipment: no single part weighs more than 140 kg and the columns have no protruding parts 
  • Logistic simplicity: two complete towers including all accessories and necessary tools are stored in one 20 foot seaworthy container 
  • High safety level during tower construction 
  • Rapid restoration of power supply

In short, our ERS offers a fast, convenient, and above all safe means for restoring power anywhere. What’s more, this proven system has been used by satisfied customers all over the world.

Extensive support
The ERS is supplied with extensive support to help you get the most from the system. A custom-made software package helps you plan the route of your restoration line faster. In addition, full training is available for your field personnel to speed assembly and your engineering teams to help them find the best restoration solutions.

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