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Energy culture

Energy culture

Reduce your organization’s energy consumption through a culture of operational excellence.

The combination of high energy prices and regulation to reduce emissions is putting manufacturers around the world under considerable pressure. This puts industrial energy management at the forefront of business success. To stay competitive and compliant, you need to reduce energy consumption. But companies have often have limited capital available and competition for capital can be fierce with other business investments outlined by other business entities.

Change your energy culture to reduce consumption
By helping you transform your organization’s energy culture, DNV GL allows you to improve energy efficiency through optimizing your existing assets. Our step-by-step process involves both workflow and data analytics to determine a current baseline for your energy culture and identify any potential non-technical barriers to change.

All relevant employees are engaged in the process through surveys, interviews and workshops. Once all input has been gathered and analyzed, we develop and help you implement a clear 12-24 month action plan tailored to your business. This might include:

  • Further analysis.
  • Development of models.
  • Additional survey(s).
  • Communications plan.
  • KPI structure.
  • Training.
  • Reporting development.
  • Defining a baseline.

Reach your energy efficiency goals
Working with DNV GL, you benefit from the support and unrivaled knowledge of our highly experienced experts. This helps you identify and implement plans for improvement that may not otherwise have been on your radar. Our experts have supported organizations around the world to transform their energy culture – often realizing energy efficiency increases of 5-15% without the need for large capital investments.

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Sophie Chirez

Sophie Chirez

Head of Department – Sustainable Energy Use, Continental Europe

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