Power and renewables

Energy data analytics

Energy data analytics

DNV GL services range from developing comprehensive energy data analytics implementation road map to full turn-key customer and grid analytics managed services.

DNV GL’s energy data analytical services are designed specifically for electric utilities that have implemented an automated metering infrastructure (AMI) and want to maximize their return on investment by making use of the new AMI data streams throughout the utility enterprise.

Advisory Services
DNV GL’s data analytics advisory service will assess how the utility’s business processes use AMI data. We will identify any gaps to full use of the data and create a short and long term road map that identifies and prioritizes the required changes to business processes and IT systems to leverage the AMI data at the enterprise level.

We deliver an objective predictive analytics implementation plan that encompasses the whole utility. This reduces the risk that a suboptimal siloed approach will be implemented by individual groups within the utility enterprise. Unlike other advisory service vendors, DNV GL assesses the whole enterprise by providing subject matter experts for all of the key business areas including IT architecture.

Predictive Analytical Solutions
Making full use of new energy data streams requires utilities to make large capital investments in information technology and highly skilled data scientists knowledgeable in the full utility value chain. For utilities seeking alternatives to these investments, DNV GL offers managed services using leading edge technology configured by accomplished data scientist and administered by skilled analysts in ISO certified data centers. Specific offering include:

Customer Analytics
  • Revenue protection
  • Revenue reporting
  • Load forecasting
  • Load research and pricing
  • Advanced energy efficiency/demand response (EE/DR) monitoring and evaluation
  • Load disaggregation
  • Data overlays for segmentation and program targeting
  • Customer behavior/auditing/engagement platforms
  • Data visualization
  • Meter asset management
  • Pre-pay tracking
Grid Analytics
  • Transformer load management
  • Augmented distribution management system (DMS) in near real time
  • Asset use for predictive line/asset maintenance
  • Near real-time renewable and micro-grid monitoring
  • Enhanced outage management (OMS)

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