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Certification for compliance with regulation II-2/19 of SOLAS.

The Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) provides a newbuilding standard, assuring that ship designs achieve a certain level of efficiency and decrease carbon emissions. The EEDI was introduced by the IMO years ago and is well established today in the maritime community.

For most newbuilds, the EEDI is mandatory, i.e. they need a class-approved certificate on EEDI. If a newbuild requires an EEDI or not depends on certain parameters like the ship type, installed engine power, keel laying date and a lot more. For newbuilds that require an EEDI, shipyards are responsible for the calculation of the EEDI, which is then verified by classification societies. For this purpose, shipyards have to prepare a technical file containing the EEDI calculation.

The EEDI gives owners of ships a competitive advantage. Ships with attained EEDI have a higher probability of winning charter contracts. Furthermore, the European Union has stated its intention to publish the technical efficiency (EEDI or EIV) for each ship that calls at ports in the EU in their recently adopted regulation on Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) of emissions from maritime transport (commonly known as the MRV regulation).

Calculating the EEDI of a ship is a complex manner. Many cases need to be considered and special factors are applied with respect to the technical properties of the ship. Moreover, the regulations on EEDI are regularly updated as documents containing amendments to previous published documents. In fact, there is no handbook on how to calculate the EEDI.

The EEDI Calculator supports shipyards and ship owners in calculating the EEDI of their vessels and in preparing the associated technical file. The complexity of EEDI calculation has been reduced to a minimum of required input fields. Shipyards as well as ship owners who want to apply a voluntary EEDI to their ships can easily use the EEDI Calculator to check their designed energy efficiency. The technical file is provided as an MS Word file and can be freely edited.

Calculate the Energy Efficiency Design Index of your fleet.

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EEDI Calculator

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