Energy efficiency machinery services

Energy Efficient Machinery Services

Whether you have a newbuilding/retrofit project, or fleet in service, we offer solutions and assessments for optimized operations.

What technical solutions work best for your vessel or MOU? How can you assess your existing design and operations as well as the current business case of your future design? Efficiency is key, so how can you optimize it? 

With  our experts at your side, you are ready to profit from more flexible and fuel efficient ships over a broad speed range. Or is your machinery system no longer in tune with the design? Then boost its performance with our holistic, multidisciplinary approach.

EEDI advisory service

For ships in operation, the attained EEDI value is certified and an EEDI Statement of Compliance is issued. For newbuilding projects, the EEDI value is determined and related technical documentation is issued.

EEOI certification

Following the calculation and verification of your ship’s operational transport efficiency, you are provided with an EEOI certificate. 

Pre-contract machinery and system arrangement design

We support you in taking control of your outline specification, providing you with improved solutions and lower life-cycle costs. Our approach uses AIS data, from which we then establish alternatives for low-EEDI design.

Retrofit machinery and systems evaluation

When it comes to the retrofitting, our experts provide solutions for verifying or gaining more energy efficiency – tailor-made to your vessels’ or offshore unit’s operating needs and conditions. 

Optimisation of ship operating systems

We evaluate, analyse and optimize the design and the performance of systems and components. Our unique approach finds the right engine system arrangement for the intended transport.

Modification excellence assessment

This assessment is applicable to ships which have undergone one or more technical modifications. The enhanced design is evaluated and improvements are quantified and documented.

DNV GL is your reliable partner for helping you save money through energy efficiency:

  • Achieve substantial life-cycle cost savings for your new vessel or series of vessels
  • Gain the competitive edge you need to further succeed in a tough market 
  • Benefit from emission reduction for your vessel
  • Verified and documented EEDI and EEOI values for a better positioning on the market
  • Profit from increased charter and second-hand market premiums, thanks to a more fuel-efficient ship or MOU
  • Benefit from an upgraded machinery set-up saving hundreds of kilowatts of electrical power
  • Get support when selecting a shipyard and reputable designer
  • Proof of efficiency excellence , assessment reports can be used to enter discussions with charters and banks

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