Power and renewables

Energy efficiency programme implementation

Energy efficiency programme implementation

DNV GL helps utilities develop, implement and track energy efficiency programmes for business and residential customers.

Government agencies and utilities around the world are increasingly introducing programmes to help businesses and households use energy more efficiently. Drawing on more than 40 years’ experience, DNV GL helps programme sponsors design, implement and track energy efficiency programmes on budget, with verifiable results and high customer satisfaction.

Improving energy efficiency helps users control energy costs, improve comfort levels, increase productivity and safeguard the environment. It also helps utilities manage supply and demand, optimise their capital expenditure and build lasting customer relationships.

Tailor-made programmes
Our teams help you develop and implement properly-scaled programmes to make those improvements possible. We support you at every stage: identifying opportunities, designing new programmes, starting-up projects and managing programmes that evolve with the market.

We have a strong track record of delivering effective energy efficiency programmes on budget. Our teams of experts have extensive experience in strategic planning, market research, programme evaluation, and leveraging the data gathered to create innovative, flexible and pragmatic solutions. Highly skilled local project staff work side-by-side with your people, supported by specialised, central service teams and process efficiency tools, to ensure your programme meets the changing needs of you and your customers.

Key services
Each energy efficiency programme is tailored to meet your objectives, local regulations and market conditions. Our services include:

  • energy efficiency engineering and inspections
  • energy audits, project modelling and savings measurement
  • marketing, education, training and direct customer outreach
  • project cost-effectiveness screening
  • market transformation assessment to enhance program implementation
  • rebate processing and payment
  • continuous process improvements

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Steve Baab

Steve Baab

Service Line Leader, Program Development and Implementation

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