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Energy storage advisory

Energy storage advisory

DNV GL's energy storage advisory services help you keep up with developments in this fast moving market and make the right choice to meet your needs

Storing generated energy is a relatively new capability in the electricity industry. However, there are already a number of technology options and the market is developing fast. DNV GL’s energy storage advisory helps you keep up to date with new innovations and choose the right technology for your needs.

Energy storage solutions will eventually become a ubiquitous component of the electricity grid. But today it is still an unfamiliar area for the electricity industry, and many players lack in-house expertise.

DNV GL acts as your external knowledge base. We can help you implement energy storage solutions as part of renewable integration projects, or for ancillary services to support distribution. Our broad range of services runs from market and business case analyses to economic assessments, technology evaluations and independent third-party testing and certification.

Our services

  • Business case analysis – storage valuation
  • Market analysis
  • Grid modeling / technical analysis
    • Providing recommendations for optimal storage placement and sizing
    • Optimising storage dispatch logic based on circuit needs
    • Assessing storage ability to perform stacked benefit application
    • Supporting utility commission filings with cost-effectiveness analysis using ES-GRID
  • Testing & certification
    • Performance testing
    • Safety testing
    • Factory acceptance testing – integration testing
    • Emerging standards testing
  • Research and innovation
  • Demonstration support
  • Implementation support

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