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Energy storage testing at BEST Test and Commercialization Center

BEST Test & Commercialization Center

DNV GL’s BEST Test & Commercialization Center (BEST T&CC) helps promote a clean energy society through innovative energy storage technologies

DNV GL’s BEST T&CC helps promote a clean energy society through innovative battery and energy storage technology (BEST). Located at Rochester, New York, it is the result of a collaboration with the New York BEST Consortium. The center’s unique capabilities help bring emerging technologies to the commercial market and offer companies essential product testing and qualification at a reasonable cost.

The BEST T&CC brings together over 250 years of combined DNV GL and NY BEST team experience, including electrical testing of T&D equipment, battery and energy storage R&D, consultancy and testing. This allows us to provide unequaled, strictly independent and impartial performance testing in the lab and in the field. To date, more than 5 million hours of energy storage battery testing have been logged since the lab’s opening in 2014.

Streamlining technology development
The BEST T&CC is a unique asset for anyone involved in developing and commercializing new battery and energy storage solutions. It gives you access to high-quality testing facilities without burdening your own labs or having to make large capital investments. Moreover, by drawing on the in-depth know-how of our expert staff, you can speed up testing and hence technology development.

BEST T&CC’s unique capabilities allow testing of the complete range of battery and energy storage technologies: from single cells to complete systems with cycle capacities up to 240 kW. Systems up to 2 MW can be tested in conjunction with the KEMA Powertest laboratory in Chalfont, Pennsylvania.

Like-minded goals
The collaboration between DNV GL and NY BEST unites two organisations with complementary expertise and a shared vision of a safe and reliable low-carbon energy future.

Experts in testing and verification of quality requirements, DNV GL helps customers with their energy assets, from development through to maintenance, in the cleanest, safest and most cost-efficient way. NY BEST is a consortium of more than 125 manufacturers, suppliers, universities, utilities and engineering firms. It aims to enhance the energy storage industry through a cooperative alliance that leverages local capabilities, advocates industry policies, and accelerates commercialization of products from R&D to widespread deployment.

Our breadth of services
We deliver a wide variety of services and solutions that cater to all your needs, helping to tackle specific challenges:

  • Identifying how the advanced energy devices can help your company
  • Insight into regulatory aspects
  • Technology assessments of advanced technologies such as energy storage
  • Performance measurements and modeling of new applications
  • Application level testing
  • Functional testing
  • Validating and expert witnessing services
  • Integration (interconnection requirements, regulation response)
  • Life cycle tests to predict the expected life span of your product
  • Safety tests such as drop tests, fire tests, crush tests and overload
  • Grid tests and modeling of grid-connected storage applications

Supported technologies:

  • Lithium ion
  • Nickel based
  • Sodium nickel
  • Sodium sulphur
  • Redox flow
  • Metal air
  • Flow batteries
  • Lead acid (VRLA)

Testing on all levels:

  • 8 channel 5V/5A (prototype) cell testing
  • 4 channel 60V/50A cell/module testing
  • 1 channel 100V/400A module testing
  • 1 channel 500V/1000A pack level testing (available Q4 2012)
  • System level incl. power converters (up to 10kV, up to 3 MW)
  • Stand alone, mobile (EV), and grid-connected systems

These tests can provide insights into the performance of your energy storage system. DNV GL’s test facilities help you to study the technical and safety performance of energy storage systems in any situation. Situations can be characterized by standardized or customized performance profiles, during the tests the storage systems will be charged and discharged according to these profiles.

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