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Energy Transition Simulator

Energy Transition Simulator

Gain the insight to make better decisions in an evolving energy system

Energy systems around the world are undergoing enormous change. Wind and solar power, hydrogen plus new usage patterns and market mechanisms are potential game changers. But their benefits and impacts are hugely interlinked, making it hard to plot the right investment path.

DNV GL’s Energy Transition Simulator provides you with in-depth understanding of how the choices you and other stakeholders make affect your business. So, you can make better strategic decisions in an evolving energy landscape.

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Take the right investment decision

Is hydrogen better than electricity for heating in your industry? Should you invest massively in offshore wind now, or would a progressive approach reap bigger rewards? Will rapid divestment of fossil-fueled power plants really help achieve emission reduction targets? And what would this imply for security of supply of energy?

Our Energy Transition Simulator lets you explore questions such as these and try out strategies in a realistic and interactive yet risk-free environment. Based on DNV GL’s Energy Transition Outlook, this digital role-playing simulation lets you see the complications and motivations of each stakeholder in the energy system and helps you test your own strategy in an interactive way.

Be prepared

The Energy Transition Simulator is a state-of-the-art digital simulator enabling you to experience and explore the complex dynamics of an evolving energy system. A great tool that helps to gain in-depth understanding of how investment decisions, and choices made by other stakeholders, affect your business.


At the end of the simulation, an automated report is generated showing each player’s investments and carbon dioxide emissions in each round. This can act as the basis for further facilitated discussions to help players:

  • Gain insight into the complexity and interactions in the energy system
  • Better understand the impact of their decisions
  • Develop a vision for the future of the energy transition
  • Explore ways to apply that vision to your own.

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Energy Transition Simulator

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