Engineering analysis of free spanning pipelines - FatFree

Sesam Pipeline Fatfree software

Software module in accordance to DNV GL Recommended Practice DNVGL-RP-F105

DNV GL Recommended Practice DNVGL-RP-F105

The FatFree software module is for engineering analysis of free spanning pipelines according to the DNV GL Recommended Practice DNVGL-RP-F105.

With FatFree software you get

  • Software for design, assessment and re-assessment of submarine pipeline spans
  • VBA based program (Visual Basic for Applications) 
  • Complies fully with DNVGL-RP-F105
  • Rational criteria and guidance on fatigue design methods for free spans subject to environmental loading

Key benefits of FatFree software module

  • Calculates minimum required wall thickness for the given conditions, such as varying depth
  • Allows you to save and retrieve several sets of input data (cases) within one file
  • User-friendly Excel spreadsheet interface
  • Calculates fatigue life due to inline and cross-flow vortex induced vibrations and direct wave loading
  • Supports safe engineering analysis for maximum allowable free span
  • Improves decision-making on correction or intervention of a span
  • Saves costs on unnecessary free span corrections
  • Standards based on modern limit state principles

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