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Environmental laboratory – environmental analysis, monitoring and assessment

Environmental testing at sea

Our environmental laboratory services support your environmental performance

Environmental laboratory – analysis and monitoring

Reliable data and environmental analysis support decisions and regulatory compliance, and help monitor and improve environmental performance. 

Our environmental laboratory has performed baseline and environmental monitoring surveys for more than 20 years. 

It is accredited (ISO 17025) for sampling of marine sediments for environmental analyses and undertakes accredited analyses of marine macro fauna, an important indicator of pollution.

In environmentally sensitive areas we use remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to document sea-bottom structure and sensitive habitats (red-listed species such as corals and sponges). ROV surveys are typically catalogued on geographical information system (GIS) maps with interpretation of substrate (soft, gravel, rocks, etc.), habitats faunal communities and identification of other activities such as trawling. 

Our environmental laboratory services:

  • Expert environmental assessments and advice by highly skilled marine biologists
  • Sediment assessment
  • Sediment sampling and biological analysis
  • Species identification
  • Chemical analyses by trusted partner laboratories
  • Water column assessment
  • Water sampling at given depths
  • Plankton sampling
  • Visual mapping and environmental monitoring
  • ROV inspections
  • Certified divers for mapping and environmental monitoring in shallow waters
  • Sensor monitoring
  • Hydrographic data collection and analysis
  • Oceanographic data collection and analysis using subsea sensors
  • Online data transfer.

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Peter Jerome Youll

Peter Jerome Youll

Director, Pipeline Services North America HSEQ

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