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Environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring

Leading the way in evaluating impacts on marine life

Understanding environmental impacts on specific habitats is essential for reducing risks and complying with legislative and other requirements. 

DNV GL leads the way in environmental monitoring and assessments, working on a daily basis to make the industry smarter and greener. We support our customers in designing effective monitoring programs and finding new ways to reduce the environmental impact of oil and gas operations.

Our assessments provide vital input to:

  • Decision-making processes
  • Identification of mitigating measures
  • Compliance with rules and regulations
  • Efficient, targeted monitoring programmes

We have the competence and equipment to conduct marine surveys, and collect and analyse monitoring data for assessment purposes.  

What we do:

  • Accredited services for sampling and analysis of sediment and macro-fauna
  • Biodiversity and habitat studies, including visual surveys of the seabed (using ROV)
  • Environmental data collected by real-time sensors
  • Site-specific environmental value assessments. 
  • Modelling and monitoring of dispersion of drill cuttings, drilling fluids and produced water 
  • Coral risk assessment
  • Best fit analysis for spud location, anchor positions, cuttings transport system (CTS) locations and pipelines. 

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Tor Jensen

Tor Jensen

Vice President, Environmental Risk Management

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