Energy storage decision-support tool

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Davion M. Hill Davion M. Hill
Principal Engineer

A key challenge in understanding and selecting feasible energy storage for grid applications is the uncertainty in the benefits of energy storage applications and the total cost/performance of available and emerging technologies. DNV GL helps clients identify the best storage technology options for their applications, through our proprietary energy storage performance modeling tool, Energy Storage Select (ES-Select).

ES-Select is a sophisticated, highly interactive, decision-support model that handles uncertainties in cost, benefit, cycle life, efficiency, discharge duration, and other parameters. It provides a graphical comparison of statistical distributions for characteristics of feasible energy storage technologies, such as installed cost and payback, to help users make informed final decisions. Users can change all recommended default values and even add new storage technologies to the model database.

The ES-Select tool is now licensed to the U.S. Department of Energy and is available for free public use through the Sandia National Laboratories website,