Faster and more efficient offshore container certification based on DNVGL-ST-E271

Benefit from a more predictable route to offshore container design approval and certification and reduce turnaround time by up to 50%

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The offshore container market is under significant pressure since the reduction in the oil price. Companies must maintain the highest standards of safety and quality whilst producing and delivering approved and certified offshore containers in shorter timeframes more cost-efficiently. 

With more than three decades at the forefront of offshore container standards development, subject matter expertise and progressive digital technologies, DNV GL's container certification service and flexible range of survey options address these challenges and enable more efficient and reliable offshore container certification. 

Container design verification empowered by progressive digital technology

Our digital offshore container certification application helps you to strip time-thieves out of the container design verification process, offering a swifter, more predictable route to approval. It also provides more consistent, high-quality technical expertise available globally during the process:

  • Provides one method for submitting and managing container designs
  • Validates information and input, and gives instant feedback before submission
  • Identifies potential design issues and offers hints and tips to resolve
  • Gives an online up-to-date overview of approval status.

A broad range of offshore container survey options to suit customer needs

On-site surveys: 

  • Surveys conducted on-site, in-person 
  • Ideal for sites within easy reach of our survey stations 
  • Beneficial when you need face-to-face contact and technical support.  

Remote surveillance: 

  • Uses existing live-feed technology from smartphones or tablets 
  • Allows interaction with our experts from anywhere in the world 
  • Ideal when long distance make on-site attendance costly 
  • Provides a larger, more flexible surveyor ‘pool’ along with highest competence.  

Manufacturing survey arrangements: 

  • Manufacturing without DNV GL presence 
  • Supported by periodic independent audits 
  • Minimizes on-site attendance and ‘hold-points’ to improve efficiency 
  • Suited to larger volume manufacturing.

The DNV GL service covers all offshore DNV GL 2.7-1 container types.