Fatigue analysis software - Fatigue Manager

Fatigue analysis software from DNV GL

Time-domain fatigue analysis software and ultimate strength analysis of fixed beam structures

Fatigue analysis software and ultimate strength analysis for OWT structures

Sesam’s module Fatigue Manager offers time-domain fatigue and ultimate strength analysis of fixed beam structures, including offshore wind turbine jackets, tripods and monopiles as well as substations. With Fatigue Manager you can easily set up and manage multiple runs with varying environmental conditions. The fatigue analysis software enables efficient post-processing of combined fatigue results.

Key benefits of Fatigue Manager software

  • The software is based on offshore wind standard such as IEC61400-3, DNVGL-ST-0126, DNVGL-ST-0437 and DNVGL-RP-C203
  • Easy to set-up and run of multiple time domain simulations with varying environments as well as (optionally) wind turbine interface load file input
  • Efficient post-processing of fatigue results using automatic summing of results from all design load cases
  • Show the contribution of each design load case to the total fatigue damage for each hotspot on the structure
  • Efficient post-processing of extreme analysis results
  • Integrated design: export of Sesam model to Bladed and import of integrated design results from Bladed for post-processing
  • Superelement analysis: export of superelement and wave loads to and import of wind turbine interface loads from Bladed and BHawC
  • Ability to use wind turbine interface loads from other external codes such as HawC2 and Flex5
  • Possibility for parallel computation locally or using cloud FEA with Sesam's cloud compute services, resulting in time- and cost-savings and allowing for further structural optimization 
  • Fatigue Manager leverages the strengths of other Sesam modules, including Wajac (wave load generation), Splice (non-linear pile-soil interaction), Sestra (structural analysis solver) and Framework (fatigue and ULS checks)

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