Fleet monitoring of ship certificates and documents - MLC and STCW code compliance - Navigator Port - Shore Monitoring

Monitor your ship's certificates and documents with shore monitoring - Navigator Port - Shore Monitoring

Keep track of ship certificates and documents and be in control of your fleet's work and rest hours for MLC compliance and STCW code requirements

Ship certificates and documents

The next-generation Shore Monitoring software module brings vessels closer to ship management, providing you with improved performance and analytics of data and statistics. Use dashboard for fleet monitoring and analysis of operational performance of your fleet of vessels. Shore Monitoring is a web-based, optional, add-on module to Navigator Port and is used for monitoring your onboard ship certificates and documents. Shore Monitoring has a new interface and smart features developed based on feedback from key customers.

Key features of the Navigator Shore module:

  • Provides the onshore office with statistics and data from Navigator modules implemented onboard
  • Onboard reports are effectively transferred to your Shore Monitoring module
  • Monitoring of crew work and rest hours (see below for more details
  • Exchange of data such as crew lists and vessel certificates
  • Monitoring of installation status and weekly updates
  • Analysis of work and rest hours
  • Overview of vessel particulars, ship certificates and documents, crew and passenger lists, voyage history, stores, addresses, Master Notes and other valuable functions for fleet monitoring
  • Intuitive, next-generation user interface with flexible set-up
  • Ship certificates and documents are viewed in the web-based dashboard
  • Current ship certificate status and overview of any expired certificates
  • Overview of soon-to-expire ship certificates
  • No installation required, fully web-based service
  • Ships that already use Navigator Port can easily upgrade with Navigator Shore

Shore monitoring of STCW and MLC compliance

If you also have Navigator Port's add-on Work & Rest module, the Shore Monitoring module will show compliance with relevant international and national legislation on seafarers' rest hours (such as MLC 2006, STCW 2010 and ILO 180) for your fleet, per ship and down to individual crew member.

After the crew has recorded work and rest hour data according to the accounting period, the Shore Monitor dashboard will give an overview to onshore management and provide all details, including individual timetables with codes based on type of work.

You will be able to see how many vessels in your fleet have reported, any non-conformities (and percentages) and how many crew members are affected. You can identify departments and ranks that have the highest level of non-conformities.

The vessels can be shown ranked based on non-conformity percentages.

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