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Flex Power Grid Laboratory

Flex Power Grid Lab

Our Flex Power Grid Laboratory located in Arnhem, The Netherlands

The DNV GL Flex Power Grid Laboratory (FPGL) is the ideal environment for testing power electronics under controlled conditions that mimic realistic grid situations. This innovative research and testing facility is designed specifically for testing a wide range of power electronics before grid connection. This allows manufacturers and grid operators to have absolute confidence that components will work in real-life situations.

With the growth of distributed electricity generation, power electronics such as PV inverters and central inverters are essential for maintaining grid reliability and security of supply. However, the interaction between these devices and the grid is extremely complex and can cause power quality issues.

Wide range of simulations and tests
Located in Arnhem, the Netherlands, the lab can simulate a wide range of normal operation and fault conditions. It can deliver high power ratings up to 1 MVA at low and medium voltages (up to 24 kV) and programmable distortion with harmonics up to 2.4 kHz. The lab’s programmable converter and array of capacitors, resistors, reactors, non-linear loads and intelligent control equipment allows us to create a real grid with real components, and any grid conditions you want.

Following testing, manufacturers receive a KEMA Report of Performance outlining how their component behaved under (standardised) test conditions. You also have access to extensive test data that can be used as input for modelling and model validation.

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