Gas infrastructure and transport

Welding and NDT, testing and commissioning, damage assessment, pigging, inspections and pressure safety are a few examples of the topics concerned in our gas infrastructure and transport training courses.

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Assessment of welding procedure specification and qualification (1 day)

Customised training course regarding Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) and qualifications resulting in the ability to identify aspects of WPS and Welding Procedure Approval Record (WPAR).
Oil & Gas

ECDA process (1 or 2 days)

DNV GL provides a customised training course focusing on the four steps of the External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA) process.
Oil & Gas

Gas transport training course (5 days)

This 5 day training course provides a general overview of all relevant aspects of the transmission and distribution of natural gas.
Oil & Gas

In-depth onshore pipeline integrity management system PIMS course (up to 5 days)

Customised training course that provides comprehensive insight into the pipeline integrity management system (PIMS).
Oil & Gas

Onshore pipeline damage evaluation (1 day)

This customised training course focuses on the evaluation of onshore pipeline damage such as corrosion, cracks, fractures, dents and gouges.
Oil & Gas

Training course Prevention of pulsation and vibration induced failures in pipework

One day training course to improve awareness about the risk of pulsations and vibrations and to identify the parameters and aspects which are necessary to control the risk and bring it to an acceptable level.
Oil & Gas

Welding and non-destructive testing (1 to 2 days)

This customised training course focuses on non-destructive testing, welding, materials and testing technology.

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