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High Power Laboratory, Arnhem

High Power Laboratory Arnhem

KEMA High Power Laboratory in Arnhem is the world’s largest independent testing and certification laboratory for medium, high and ultra-high voltage T&D equipment.

The KEMA High-Power Laboratory in Arnhem, the Netherlands provides short-circuit, switching and mechanical testing and certification, based on international and regional standards, to utilities and equipment manufacturers worldwide.

The lab was the first in the world capable of the short-circuit testing of 1200 kV power equipment. It also has the highest short circuit power of up to 10 000 MVA, delivered by four short-circuit generators operating in parallel.

These industry-leading facilities, together with our highly qualified and experienced test engineers, ensure maximum flexibility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in testing all kinds of T&D components. Upon successful completion, your component will receive a KEMA Type Test Certificate, globally recognised as evidence of quality and reliability.

Components tested

  • Cables and cable accessories
  • Insulators
  • Power and instrument transformers
  • Switchgear
  • Panels and other components

Tests available

  • Short-circuit
  • Switching
  • Internal arc
  • Power arc
  • Mechanical endurance

Contact us:

Bas Verhoeven

Bas Verhoeven

Director High Voltage Laboratory, Global Quality & Innovation, KEMA Laboratories

Phone: + 31 26 356 3581

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