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High voltage circuit breaker testing & certification

high voltage circuit breaker testing

DNV GL provides short-circuit testing and certification of high voltage circuit breakers according to standards such as IEC 62271-100 and ANSI C37.09

Our independent testing allows you to provide grid operators with evidence that your circuit breakers deliver robust short-circuit performance for today’s networks.

DNV GL offers short-circuit testing and certification of high voltage circuit breakers according to internationally recognized standards such as IEC 62271-100 and ANSI C37.09. We can also test according to local standards if required.

State-of-the-art testing
Circuit breakers are a key element in protecting networks, and their performance depends on rapid, selective and reliable clearing of short-circuit currents. Our High-Power Laboratories in Arnhem, the Netherlands, and Chalfont, Pennsylvania, USA, have extensive capacity for generating the necessary high power tests.

This ensures we can meet evolving industry demands for higher voltage ratings and testing of higher short-circuit currents. Our Arnhem short circuit facility was the first in the world to offer test capabilities on circuit breakers operating at 1100 and 1200 kV.

In addition, our laboratories make use of realistic test circuits and state-of-the-art test methods including:

  • three-phase synthetic testing method up to 245 kV
  • three or single phase direct testing up to 72.5 kV
  • current injection method up to 362 kV
  • voltage injection method up to 550 kV
  • double voltage injection up to 1200 kV

Tests cover:

  • short-circuit tests
  • dielectric tests
  • routine tests
  • temperature rise tests

Test results
You can have your equipment tested in order to obtain a full KEMA Type Test Certificate. Alternatively, you can choose to receive a Report of Performance or an Inspection Report. These reports describe the tests conducted, but do not provide evidence that a component meets a certain standard or specification.

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Bas Verhoeven

Bas Verhoeven

Director High Voltage Laboratory, Global Quality & Innovation, KEMA Laboratories

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