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HVDC cable and cable systems type testing

320 kV HVDC cable system testing

DNV GL provides type testing and certification of HVDC cables and cable accessories based on IEC 62895, Cigré TB 496 and customer specifications

Nowadays, HVDC cable systems play an essential role in power transmission due to their capabilities for long distance bulk power transmission. Therefore, the demand for HVDC cables and testing of HVDC cables are increasing. Type tests on HVDC cable systems are intended to demonstrate the satisfactory performance of cable systems, to check the manufacturing process and design of the cable systems.

Standards and testing
Type tests include electrical type tests on complete cable systems and non-electrical type tests on individual cable components and complete cables. During the type tests, a heating cycle voltage test is designed to qualify the performance of the cable systems under relevant electrical and thermal conditions. We provide type testing and certification of HVDC cables and cable accessories based on IEC 62895, TB 496 and customer specifications

For HVDC cables testing, there are unique test requirements such as a specified temperature difference across the cable insulation and a serial superimposed impulse voltage tests for the cable system.

Certificates and reports
DNV GL's KEMA laboratories has the experience to conduct type testing on HVDC cable systems. A successful type test will lead to a KEMA Type Test Certificate, which includes a test report, and is widely recognized throughout the industry. Alternatively, a Prequalification Test Certificate, Report of Performance or an Inspection Report can be offered to meet a certain standard or specification.

A KEMA Type Test Certificate is only issued if a component is successfully tested and meets all technical requirements. With a certificate you can be sure of buying component of a good quality.

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