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HVDC cable systems prequalification testing

HVDC cable system prequalification testing

DNV GL provides prequalification testing of HVDC power cable systems according to IEC 62895 and Cigré TB 496

As HVDC transmission infrastructures are suitable for long distance bulk power transportation, HVDC power cable systems are getting more attention. Especially offshore grid infrastructures have installed and are going to introduce numerous HVDC cable systems. As maintenance and repairing offshore cables is very costly, it is better to check and verify the complete cable system for their long-term performance before the get into service. 

Standards and testing
This long-term test includes a heating cycle voltage test to simulate the actual application with different load and different polarity of HVDC voltage conditions for a period of 360 days. During this heating cycle voltage test, the conductor temperature and temperature difference across the insulation shall both be controlled to the design level. 

Certificates and reports
DNV GL has the experience to conduct HVDC cable systems PQ test. It can be performed according to IEC 62895, Cigré TB 496 or customer specifications. A successful test will lead to a KEMA Prequalification Test Certificate, which includes a test report, and is widely recognized throughout the industry. Alternatively, a Type Test Certificate, Report of Performance or an Inspection Report can be offered to meet a certain standard or specification. 

Our experienced test engineers can support you with questions, solutions and preparations of this test.

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