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HVDC gas-insulated switchgear testing

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DNV GL provides HVDC GIS testing according to Cigré technical documents and customer specifications

HVDC systems have become a common solution for long distance power transmission. Gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) is a proven technology in high voltage AC systems mostly driven by space saving and immunity to extreme weather conditions. The combination of these properties makes it also attractive for offshore HVDC applications.

International standards describing the requirements, methods and test procedures of HVDC GIS have not been developed yet due to lack of operational experience. However, Cigré technical work groups have made many efforts on this.

DNV GL leads the European Union PROMOTioN project on offshore HVDC grids. DNV GL KEMA Laboratories is performing the world’s first prototype independent long duration installation test of a 320 kV HVDC GIS. A comprehensive document on test requirement will be made available to the PROMOTioN project. At a later stage, it will be combined with test results to contribute to standardization of HVDC GIS testing. Work already started in a new Work Group of IEC TC 17 prepairing a new document on common specifications for DC switchgear.

DNV GL KEMA laboratories is also involved in HVDC circuit breaker short circuit testing as well. Our experienced team can support the testing of HVDC components such as cables and switchgear.

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