ICS cyber security training

ICS cyber security training by DNV GL

Our ICS cyber security training services range from basic cyber security awareness to comprehensive industry-specific solutions

ICS cyber security training

With the increasing use of systems with embedded software on critical infrastructure assets, cyber security is becoming critical not only for data protection, but also for reliable operations. According to Symantec Security Response, “You don’t need as many technical skills to find one person who might be willing, in a moment of weakness, to open up an attachment that contains malicious content.” Most of the attacks consist of trying to trick a user using social engineering techniques. Phishing and social engineering, unintentional downloads of malware, etc., are common issues.

Address the human factor in cyber security

Basic ICS cyber security training:

  • Employees: This training introduces the basic cyber security concepts and will explain why cyber security is relevant to your organization and industry. It also covers recent cyber-attacks and provides tools and tips on how to spot vulnerabilities.
  • Managers: This training package includes the above topics for employees, but with a deeper dive into regulatory matters, best practices, standards, methods and tools to assess and mitigate risks.

Advanced ICS cyber security training:

  • This training is geared towards IT/OT engineers, the people responsible for maintaining the integrity, safety and performance of business operations. It is tailored to your industry and will use practical examples that are of relevance to your daily work.

Other trainings may include:

  • Phishing defense – highlighting cyber security risks and general awareness levels through simulated attacks
  • Incident response training – assessing, training and verifying that employees are well-prepared for cyber incidents

All trainings can be delivered online, onsite or at a DNV GL office.

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