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Synergi Life - Incident Management software and compliance requirements

The Incident Management software module lets you manage compliance requirements and analyse data across your organization

Incident management software from Synergi Life

The Incident Management software module lets you analyse data across complex and multi-layered organizations so you can recognize trends and ensure overview of compliance requirements. The incident reporting software combines the most recognized principles and best practice within loss control and incident management with the latest trends in technological platforms. Synergi Life is optimized for online and offline use on various devices such as PCs, tablets and smart phones.

Incident reporting made easy with Incident Management software

  • Incident reporting software for systematic handling of any incident category, near misses, unsafe conditions etc.
  • Incident management software solution for high-risk workplaces, for example construction sites, oil rigs, process facilities, factories
  • Front-end reporting to back-office analysis and reporting in multiple report formats and dashboards
  • Support for full investigation, risk evaluation, loss causation modelling and action management process
  • Based on DNV GL’s extensive experience in risk and QHSE compliance requirements and management, working with leading companies within energy, transportation, the processing industry and the public health sector

Key features of Incident Management software module

  • Risk matrix with traffic light indication of high, medium and low risk cases
  • Documentation of loss and consequence details
  • Root cause analyses – multiple model support
  • Preventive, corrective and temporary actions – due dates and responsible parties
  • Attached documents – statements, pictures, videos and any kind of document
  • Email distribution of notifications, alerts, reminders and key lessons learned
  • Trending of risk profiles for employees, business areas, work processes, critical machinery, contractors or any other object relevant for analysis
  • Management of copliance requirements, including statutory compliance reporting and annual, quarterly and monthly performance reports are available online and real time
  • Generation of frequencies and KPIs including LTI, TRI, RWC, Illnesses, spills, costs etc. for employees and contractors
  • Best practice configurations available for rapid installation and implementation of the incident management software

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