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Independent engineering for energy storage

Energy storage independent engineering

Independent expert evaluation of risk and risk mitigation to improve bankability and stakeholder confidence for energy storage projects

Energy storage is a vital component for a smarter, greener power supply. But before funding any energy storage projects, investors need to be sure that all potential risks and associated mitigation efforts have been identified and understood.

An Independent engineering report from DNV GL enables that understanding. Drawing on years of experience in energy storage, we can evaluate a project and show how technical risks may lead to financial ones. This allows the demonstration of the technical, commercial and environmental feasibility of your project.

As a result potential stakeholders and investors can make investment decisions with confidence.

Comprehensive risk assessment
Our Independent engineering services for energy storage cover the full range of potential risks and risk mitigation for energy storage. This includes:

  • Regulations and market potential 
  • Technical calculations and assumptions in the financial model 
  • The chosen technology’s suitability for the target application 
  • Technical aspects related to permits, consent, land rights and insurance 
  • System design: 
  •     capacity, power, charge / discharge rate and temperature characteristics
  •     battery and energy management systems
  •     communication interfaces
  • Plant design, construction and O&M plans

Independence brings bankability
With DNV GL as your partner, you gain more than just the in-depth technical expertise needed to assess project expectations, evaluate potential issues and identify mitigation measures. You also benefit from our long-established, global reputation for independence and impartiality. So all potential stakeholders will know they can rely on and trust the final report. What’s more, our energy storage services are backed up by the GRIDSTOR Recommended Practice. Co-developed by DNV GL as part of an international consortium, GRIDSTOR provides a single, all-encompassing framework for the safety of your grid-connected energy storage

Industry-wide expertise
Independent engineering for energy storage is just one of our extensive range of due diligence services spanning the energy industry – all based on the same expertise and methodology. Visit our energy due diligence services portal to learn more.

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