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BBS software and behaviour-based safety - Inspection and BBS Management - Synergi Life

Supports the drive toward increased efficiency in inspection management

BBS software

The Synergi Life Inspection and BBS Management software module supports the drive toward increased efficiency in your company with activities such as inspections and performance reviews. The BBS software module uses standard inspection methodology and specific processes for behaviour-based safety (BBS).

Behaviour-based safety (BBS) software - what you get:

  • Inspection planning software and BBS management software for assets such as factories, processing plants, oil rigs and offshore structures
  • A powerful tool for top-down planning and for bottom-up verification
  • Standardized, transparent and effective inspection process 
  • Checklists, auto-generation of actions and alerts
  • Ability to view information across sites, business units and processes

Identify, verify and implement action plans with BBS software

With Synergi Life’s best practice approach you can restructure your company’s practices and implement improvement initiatives. The Synergi Life Inspection and BBS Management module is designed to comply with international requirements and best practice related to inspection management, covering everything from planning and execution to follow-up and analysis. The module also allows for the necessary tailoring to implement customer-specific preferences in terms of data capture, terminology, work processes, organization, inspection workflow, screen layout, and more.

Inspection planning software

  • Analyse and benchmark developments over time using behaviour-based safety processes
  • Obtain relevant documentation
  • Use in-built checklists with pre-filled due dates, responsible parties and user alerts
  • Implement action plans
  • Use built-in search and reporting tool
  • Set up to match your existing practice for inspections planning and follow-up
  • Easily recognize and reward best-practice performers
  • Increase efficiency 

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