Inspection Management - Synergi Plant

Support inspection planning, execution, recording, anomaly tracking, and follow-up actions

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Synergi Plant Inspection Management

Plant inspection management

With the Synergi Plant - Inspection Management module, you can plan inspection using time-based, quantum-based, risk-based methods. You can create inspection packages from scheduled and ad-hoc inspections, create detailed inspection jobs and tasks, perform inspection result recording, identify anomalies and generate follow-up actions with maintenance notification. The inspection management module also provides various document attachment and reporting functionalities that allow you to work in a highly efficient way.

What you get with Synergi Plant inspection management software

  • Define time-based and regulation-based inspection schedules for assets
  • Define risk-based inspection schedules and get results from various RBI modules
  • Generate scheduled inspections either automatically or manually
  • Create and assign inspection tasks for inspection preparation with various asset and document references
  • Loading of thickness measurement
  • Define rules and formula for identifying anomalies after inspection result recording
  • Record inspection results, findings and recommendations
  • Create follow-up actions, record anomalies and maintenance status
  • Create maintenance notifications for other work order systems with Synergi Plant Integration module
  • Review inspection package, job, and task status or view statistics with Synergi Plant - Dashboard module