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Accelerating corporate procurement of renewable energy

How do we increase transparency in renewable energy procurement?
DNV GL’s Instatrust™ is an innovative digital application which provides easy and cost-efficient offering, sourcing, screening and risk management of renewable corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

As an online renewables marketplace, Instatrust provides:

  • Quick and easy connection between corporate energy buyers and renewable energy sellers
  • Corporate energy buyers access a global, up-to-date database of offtake opportunities, whilst renewable energy sellers access a global database of active offtakers. 

Additionally, Instatrust provides an online tender tool:

  • Energy sellers submit their projects online
  • The projects submitted are scored by DNV GL for easier short-listing
  • This streamlines the tender process, including sourcing and screening. 

Instatrust also provides best practices, guidelines and standardized contracts to bring more transparency to the corporate PPA market and increase buyers’ and sellers’ confidence.

What can Instatrust do for you?

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Caroline Brun Ellefsen

Caroline Brun Ellefsen

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