Power and renewables

Integrated Energy Efficiency and Demand Response

Energy efficiency and demand response

Flexible product pathways to address DER disruption

Many utilities are experiencing the one-two punch of shrinking budgets and growing energy efficiency goals. Doing more with less requires decision makers to seek innovative solutions that allocate resources in a way that streamlines internal operations.

For utilities, this means breaking with established norms that have traditionally siloed energy efficiency and demand response. Integrating energy efficiency and demand response at the program level creates cost efficiencies and improves the customer experience.

  • Over 40 years of experience implementing energy efficiency programs for utilities
  • Scalable product recommendations that work for small, to national sized business
  • 10 MW curtailed customer load at current Nevada Energy pilot

DNV GL’s Integrated EE/DR program moves beyond ‘Smart Thermostats ‘with a diverse array of ‘Smart’ products. Our recommended measures are tailored for the C&I market, and designed to automatically respond to utility signals for instantaneous peak reduction.

Our recommended measures allow utility managers to directly control lighting, HVAC and plug loads for installed measures throughout the course of an energy event.

DNV GL’s expertise in emerging technologies and understanding of networking ensures interoperability of products and ‘future-proofs’ a space by leveraging open protocols that easily allow additional measures to be brought online.

Value-stack of integrated energy efficiency and demand response

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Steve Baab

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