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IMPRESS project

Towards an independent solution for energy storage system monitoring and analytics. Call to energy storage experts to join our customers advisory board.

DNV GL has recently started the development of an independent solution for integrated monitoring and performance reporting of energy storage systems. To develop a sophisticated and independent monitoring tool we are giving energy storage experts the opportunity to participate and to join our customer advisory board.

The goal of the project is to develop a service that provides system owners and third party users professional, independent insight in the performance of their battery energy storage system, and the ability to predict early degradation and faults in the remaining lifetime. In the current market situation, system suppliers are the ones providing the status monitoring for their own energy storage systems. Monitoring by an independent party will guarantee reliable data collection and performance reporting.

Different energy storage systems have different monitoring systems making quick and easy comparison of performance data of multiple storage systems almost impossible. Being able to compare the performance of your storage systems will help you to get insight in the best performing systems. This allows you to select the best performing energy storage systems and improve the energy management systems in order to manage a healthy portfolio.

The monitoring data can be utilised for DNV GL’s predictive analytics service. Combining measured performance data with degradation information will provide the customer with reliable performance predictions, reducing performance risks. Predictive analytics will enhance:

  • Degradation forecasting for current and alternative applications
  • Early detection of potential component failure
  • Early detection of non-compliance to warranted performance
  • Scenario analysis, EES system performance and lifetime for several use cases

At DNV GL we also see that current systems are not able to provide insight in the interaction between solar-PV system and storage systems. Monitoring hybrid assets in the same monitoring platform will show whether the charge and discharge behaviour of the energy storage system is effective and well-timed with the renewable generation profile.

As vendor monitoring data is not only the basis for warranty but also crucial in potential conflicts between supplier and EES system owner we have taken on the task to build an independent platform for integrated monitoring and performance reporting of energy storage systems.

IMPRESS aims to offer:

  • Independent platform that provides performance reporting and predictive analysis
  • Direct, simple insight into and graphical presentation of system performance 
  • Monitoring of interaction between renewable generation and (dis)charge of the battery energy storage system
  • Reliable independent data acquisition essential for resolving conflict on the performance with a vendor

Join our Customer Advisory Board by 1 June 2018
To steer the development of the storage monitoring solution, we are looking for customer advisory board members, being experts from innovative, market leading companies in the field of energy storage and renewable energy generation. Members of the Customer Advisory Board (CAB) will get a unique opportunity to:

  • Influence the content of the newly developed storage monitoring module
  • Benefit from cutting edge functionality at an early stage
  • Get tailor-made monitoring solutions for niche applications
  • Influence development roadmaps & functional requirements of GPM releases
  • Join a network of innovative renewables and storage parties like yourself
Project timeline:
  • Deadline for participation is 1 June 2018
  • The CAB kick-off will be scheduled in the beginning of June. Exact date and time to be discussed in accordance with the agenda of the CAB members
  • In September 2018, the proof-of-concept implementation will be ready
  • The pilot implementation at CAB project will be ready in October 2018
  • The release of IMPRESS 1.0 will take place in December 2018
>> Please contact Rianne ’t Hoen to apply or for more information.

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Join our expert advisory board by 1 June 2018 to be the first to steer the development of IMPRESS

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